Pirkei Avot Update

We plan to start our weekly Pirkei Avot lessons at about 8:30 am, with a view towards ending each week no later than 9:00 am. This will be in-person in the library, and on ZOOM:

 (Earlier, each Thursday morning, we begin prayer about 10-15 minutes before 8:00 am, and conclude about 8:20.  We then segue into the Library to start Pirkei Avot study promptly in-person and/or on ZOOM.)

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Meeting ID: 648 979 3234
Passcode: 187502

This Thursday morning in our Pirkei Avot — The Ethics of our Fathers journey, we will be looking at one or both of the following Mishnayot as part of our weekly discussion:


Antigonus a man of Socho received the oral tradition from Shimon the Righteous. He used to say: do not be like servants who serve the master in the expectation of receiving a reward, but be like servants who serve the master without the expectation of receiving a reward, and let the fear of Heaven be upon you.


Yose ben Yoezer, a man of Zeredah, and Yose ben Yohanan, a man of Jerusalem received the oral tradition from them, i.e., Shimon the Righteous and Antigonus. Yose ben Yoezer used to say: let thy house be a house of meeting for the Sages and sit in the very dust of their feet, and drink in their words with thirst.

And for those who would like to add to their home library, we will purchase a copy of Pirkei Avot for you. In the Beth Jacob library, we have about 5-6 different commentaries and if you will select one, we will gift it to you.







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