Steven Spielberg Biography

Beth Jacob Reader’s Circle

Steven Spielberg Biography

BJS Reader’s Circle; the Spielberg books! and REVISED
SCHEDULE…There is still time to “sign on.” Call the office (860) 886-2459 or email (

Because of this lateness, we are adjusting the Discussion Sessions as below:

The opening discussion(s) will cover Chapters 1 thru 6,  only 79 pages;
as follows:
Session 1A:   Thursday Dec 14, @ 1:30 PM
Session 1B:    Sunday Dec 17, @ 9:00 AM

Session 2A:    Thursday Dec 21 @ 1:30 PM
Session 2B:     To be decided by Sunday group at its December 17 session

A few weeks off for the “holidays!”

Session 3A:    Thursday Jan. 4 @ 1:30 PM

Session 3B:  Sunday Jan.7 @ 9:00 AM 

Live Streaming Event for all on Tuesday, January 9th @ 7:00 PM – with the new Beth Jacob big screen TV!

Notices will be sent to remind everyone of the coming sessions AND in all the Synagogue communications. 

I will be away when the first 2 Sessions occur, ––– other coverage is being arranged.

If any Q’s, Contact me, the Rav, or the office for any further information or to provide comments.

One last thing: Voluntary contributions to pay for a book ($15 suggested) should be sent to the office, made out to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.




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