Synagogue Re-opening News

Beginning this Friday night (May 14th), Beth Jacob will go on a full hybrid schedule for all Shabbat and Festival services.  This means that the Sanctuary will be open to members for all services, as well as the retention of the ZOOM option for those who wish to continue to participate in this fashion. While it would be nice for planning purposes if you could let us know if/when you’re coming to the Sanctuary, no one will be turned away if you have not.

However, you may find the ZOOM option attractive for services that are not primarily being held in the Beth Jacob sanctuary. While you are welcome to experience the Beth Jacob streamed portion live, we will not be streaming the service on any of the Synagogue monitors.

Siddurim – For those who are coming to the live services who previously borrowed Siddurim, please return them with your return to the Sanctuary.

Finally, other events that are not primarily prayer service, will continue to be ZOOM only and will be indicated to minimize confusion.

This weekend’s services – Live + ZOOM unless otherwise indicated:

Friday night, 6:00 pm

Shabbat morning prayer service, 9:00 am

Shabbat morning, Torah study – ZOOM only – 11:00 am

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