Summer Education Opportunities

Beth Jacob will be resuming its two classes that were begun in the Spring:

Talmud Class:  Resuming on Wednesday, July 11, from 7:00-8:15, we will be continuing our journey through the first tractate in the Talmud, Berakhot (blessings).  The subject matter that we are discussing is the Shema prayer, but be prepared for leaps into many other subjects, including philosophical discourses that do not involve laws (Aggadah).  All are welcome to attend any session even if you have no prior experience in the Talmud nor attended any prior sessions.  For the most part, each session is a self-contained unit, and if not, Rav Julius summarizes at the outset (and for those who would like a more complete summarization, please see Rav Julius for a separate session for you).

Responsa Class: Resuming on Thursday, July 19, from 1:00-2:30, and we will continue to study Responsa (see the April 2018 VOICE for an explanation of this wonderful way of learning Jewish law and custom applied to subjects that affect our lives today), with the subjects to be studied listd in the Weekly Announcements.



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