Tikkun Leyl Shavuot –
The Evening of the
First Night of Shavuot

Beth Jacob will be joining with Congregations Beth-El (New London), Emanu-El (Waterford), Ahavath Achim (Colchester) and Bnai Israel (Willimantic) for a celebration of the Shavuot holiday on Tuesday night, June 11, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Temple Emanu-El, Waterford. (And Wednesday morning, Beth Jacob will celebrate Shavuot at its Sanctuary, at 9:00 am, with a Yizkor service).

We will be treated to a presentation by Rivka Schwartz an herbalist, nature educator, and Wellness Coach certified by the Mayo Clinic (and Rav Jeremy Schwartz’s sister).  She will be providing a presentation on foods:

What diet contains foods that can

–decrease inflammation,

–help develop a healthy, fiber fueled microbiome,

–up your nutrient content from that
of the average American diet,

–help support your immune system?

When we think of Eastern European Jewish foods, we often think of deli meat, lox and bagel or holiday foods.  Delicious, but admittedly, not associated  with being the healthiest spreads.  But if we look at the foods that were eaten traditionally by our European ancestors in previous centuries, we see a different story. We’ll dispel myths and take a deeper look into some of the classic foods along with their nutritional and health benefits.  These include some of the powerhouses cited by modern science for health: garlic, beets, fish, legumes, berries, mushrooms as well as other healing foods like bone broth and cabbage. These foods were eaten by a poor population, so many of the recipes are budget conscious and don’t waste food.

We will learn some of the basic recipes from Ashkenazic Jewish cuisine easily made in a modern kitchen along with the nutritive and medicinal properties of the foods. Fun!

But Wait, There’s More! Our Tikkun Leyl Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) will also include SINGING, a CHEESECAKE CONTEST (please list your ingredients if you bring one), and DRUMMING on pizza boxes (to be provided) with Ellen Shapiro, drum-circle leader extraordinaire!

If you need a ride or want to carpool, let us know!


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