Norwich Interfaith Food Pantry


Norwich Interfaith Food Pantry


Earlier this year, Beth Jacob Synagogue, in partnership with the Norwich Clergy Association and Christ Episcopal Church, made the commitment to support the Norwich Interfaith Food Pantry, located at the Christ Episcopal Church in Norwich. Marc Kashar is leading our Tzedakah commitment, generously donating his time and energy to the weekly operations of the Food Pantry. Now it’s time for more members of Beth Jacob to get involved! The Food Pantry will provide a monthly list of requested donation items. When you do your weekly grocery shopping, include some/all of the items needed on a weekly basis. (Please think smaller size items rather than in bulk so more families can be served). You can bring the items to a receptacle box at Beth Jacob, or contact Marc at 860-235-7158 to make arrangements for pickup.

Do you have time to help out in person? Contact Marc at 860-235-7158 to see how best you might lend a hand. Monetary donations are always appreciated and helpful when purchasing needed items. Please make your check out to: The Norwich Interfaith Food Pantry. Checks can either be dropped off at the Beth Jacb office or mail to: Christ Episcopal Church, 78 Washington St., Norwich, CT., 06360.


9/22—Turkey Spam (for our non-pork-eating shoppers, available at Stop and Shop); 2-pound bags of white rice
9/29—Pasta sauce, traditional, marinara or meat sauce; small containers of stick or roll-on deodorant, men’s and women’s

10/6—Unscented soap or soap marked for sensitive skin, such as Dove or Basic; children’s 100% juice boxes (no large bottles of juice, please)

10/13—Spam Lite, or Spam lower sodium; canned chicken breast
10/20—Corned beef hash, such as Stop & Shop or Mary Kitchen; beef stew, such as Dinty Moore, Stop and Shop, Big Y
10/27—Small cans of chicken breast; small cans albacore (white) tuna, solid or flaked

The pantry is always in need of:
Small jars of creamy peanut butter and grape jelly or

strawberry jam
Crackers (saltine or Ritz)
Chunky style soups—vegetable, beef or chicken
Canned vegetables—corn, cream-style or regular; carrots; peas; green beans
Shelf-stable milk, such as Parmalat; almond or soy milk

Due to the generosity of community donors last month, the Pantry is currently overstocked with:

Light tuna (still need albacore)
Canned beans (always need dried black and kidney-1 lb. bags)
Unflavored tomato sauce (always need Italian style pasta sauce and tomato paste)
Plain tomato or chicken noodle soup
Toothbrushes (always need toothpaste)
Chunky peanut butter

Do you have time to help out in person? Contact Marc at 860-235-7158 to see how best you might lend a hand. If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, cash donations are always helpful in purchasing needed items. Please write checks out to the Norwich Interfaith Food Pantry. Checks can be sent directly to the Christ Episcopal Church at 78 Washington St., Norwich, CT., 06360. 


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