“We Can”

Wish List

Norwich Interfaith Food Pantry

January and February 2020

We are not giving you a list of items by week for the next two months, but just a list of things we need all the time. We experienced a surge of families coming to our food pantry over the holidays, and we are restocking our shelves.

We have stopped purchasing some more expensive items that our “shoppers” (clients) still need, but we simply do not have the funds to purchase them. These include:

  • Turkey Spam (for clients with religious dietary restrictions forbidding pork)
  • SMALL packages of baby diapers, sizes newborn through 6 (best prices are at Walmart and Aldi’s)
  • Deodorant, men’s and women’s feminine hygiene products,
    such as pads and tampons

These are the things we particularly need at this time and you can supplement by your donations:

  • Creamy peanut butter (15-16 oz. size)
    • Spam lite or lower-sodium
    • Small jars of grape jelly
    • Small cans of tuna in water, both albacore and light
    • One-pound bags of dried beans, black and kidney
    • Chunky style beef or chicken soup, such as Campbell’s, Big Y, or Stop and Shop
    • 100% juice for children, in boxes, not large bottles or bags
    • Canned fruit packed in fruit juice—chunky pineapple, peaches, pears,
      mandarin oranges and fruit cocktail
    • 2 pound bags of rice (NO larger than that, please)

These are the things we definitely CANNOT use:

X –Large bottles, bags, boxes or cans of anything that is not already divided up for individual sale
X –Any goods past their sell by or best by date
X –Anything that must be refrigerated
X –Canned vegetables. Our participating congregations were VERY generous over the holidays, and we have plenty for the time being.





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