New Talmud Class

Meets Wednesday nights, beginning on February 21, 7-8:30, with light refreshments.  We will study the first Tractate of the Talmud, Berakhot (blessings), that begins with conversations on the Shema but which will go far afield.  As the rabbis constantly say to each other when introducing a new topic: “Come and listen…” to what the rabbis of long ago said about various aspects of our religion, philosophy, cooking, and lots of other topics – and see how it can help you with your issues of today totally unrelated to the topics discussed by the rabbis.  All study is in English with a translation that just came into existence about 4-5 years and is very user friendly (and with illustrations).  Don’t worry if you miss classes. (And as an added bonus: Each week we will look at one excerpt of some x-rated topic discussed by the  rabbis.  First night: What constitutes “sexual intercourse”?)
Come and try it out! (the class)

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