Rav Julius has reached out to those who have expressed an interest in the study, and practice of Mussar, beginning this month, to determine a schedule and subjects to study (for example, humility, generosity, equanimity, etc.).  If he has not reached out to you and you have an interest, or if you have any questions, please let him know.

We will be using the following book for our course: Everyday Holiness, by Alan Morinis, and I am encouraging people to purchase the paper book version of the book.

This week, the group will have their initial meeting on Thursday morning, July 23, at 10:00-11:00 am, through the ZOOM platform (room opening at 9:45), to discuss the course topics, and to select those particular character traits that we will study and practice for the first cycle of this course experience.

You are welcome to join the group, begin to put the schedule and list of substantive character traits that we will study in the first cycle of classes (for example, humility, generosity, equanimity, etc.).

Part of this learning experience could include Hevrutah learning, where you  study or discuss a text with a single or two partners initially, so you might find it helpful to pair with a friend, or relative, irrespective of their membership in Beth Jacob or even being Jewish, in taking this class, especially bearing in mind that there is going to be a ‘virtual’ component to this class.  Or we can pair you with someone whenever we need to.



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