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We will be introducing the study of Mussar, beginning this summer. This distinctly Jewish, centuries-old method of ethical improvement, which focuses on refining our character traits — each of which is unique to each one of us and thus has its own  ‘curriculum’. (Benjamin Franklin developed a similar character-building regimen.) In the leadup to the course Rav Julius will be incorporating lessons of Mussar within the various teachings that he shares each week so that you can get a general flavor of the wisdoms contained within this area of Jewish wisdom.

The formal learning will likely run through the summer. Due to the nature of the practice involved in this learning, it is likely to be held on a bi-weekly basis. And at this time, we should assume that it will be on the ZOOM platform, either in whole or in part.

More information will be forthcoming, but if you have any questions or know that you would like to participate, please contact Rav Julius.

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