A sponsored Kiddush provides an opportunity for congregants to honor special people or events in their lives, and to donate to the synagogue at the same time.
Currently, revenues from infrequent Kiddush sponsorships barely covers the overall cost of the food for a simple Kiddush. Providing a more elaborate menu is problematic because of lack of volunteers to purchase kosher foods, usually available out of town, and prepare the same for the Kiddush table.
To make this whole process more affordable, hopefully attract more participation and increase revenues over time, presented below are changes to the Kiddush sponsorships:
The new cost of sponsored Kiddush will be $50 and Kiddush sponsors will be identified in the weekly
announcements .The Kiddush will consist of the standard Shabbat Kiddush. Any thing additional will be provided by the person sponsoring, in consult with the rabbi to ensure proper Kashrut is observed.
This policy is effective immediately; hopefully it will improve the funding of Kiddushim and involve more congregants in the sponsorship effort.
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